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Gift Card | Off Road Ride Along

This gift card is good for a unique Ride-A-Long experience with Sand Hollow 4x4, in our custom built off road tested Jeeps. Join our expert drivers as we head into parts of the 60,000 acres of breathtaking other-worldly red rock terrain of Sand Hollow State Park in the famous Sand Mountain OHV area.

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Your Gift Card is redeemable for a single rider on the Ride-A-Long Experience described below.

If you've ever wanted to experience a true off-roading adventure but don't have a rig, Sand Hollow 4x4 offers a unique Ride-A-Long experience in our custom built off road tested Jeeps. Join our expert drivers as we head into parts of the 60,000 acres of breathtaking other-worldly red rock terrain of Sand Hollow State Park in the famous Sand Mountain OHV area.  Located just minutes from St. George, UT and on trails surrounding majestic Sand Hollow Reservoir, it's the perfect complement to an unforgettable Southern Utah experience.  Come catch off-roading fever as you experience an adrenaline overload inside the vehicles of the Sand Hollow's expert guides, while they take you through trails like the challenging Double Sammy (rated 7) or Triple 7 (rated 8) Sand Hollow trails.  Come adventure with us in the terrain of what is becoming the most sought after 4-wheeling mecca of the USA.

Contact Us with Questions.

Ride-A-Long Details:

  • Priced Per Person.
  • Up to 5 riders per excursion.
  • Lunch and Water Provided.
  • Half Price for our service men and veterans.  Contact us for details.
  • All vehicles are custom built by experts to take on the most challenging of obstacles.
  • Choose between riding in a 4-door Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee.
  • Start Time is 8:00AM with a designated meeting spot that will be provided.
  • Pick between 2 challenging trails - Double Sammy (rated 7) or Triple 7s (rated 8).
  • Bring Snacks.
  • Vehicle Damage is possible.
  • No Rear Facing Infant Car Seats Allowed.
  • No Smoking, Vaping, Alcohol, or Drug Use Allowed Inside the Vehicles.
  • Double Dominators Merchandise for purchase.


IMPORTANT - These trails are driven by expert drivers, but risk of injury is possible. All participants ride at own risk. Sand Hollow 4x4 will not be held responsible for any harm sustained due to violating our strict guidelines.

Details of Common Trails:

  • Double Sammy

    • This beautifully challenging trail consists of diverse terrains.  When running the 1.8 mile rated-7 trail be prepared for sand, rock, & slick rock intermixed throughout.  You'll encounter many steep inclines/declines and steps greater than 48".  The trail has frequent obstacles for such a short distance.  Along the way enjoy breathtaking views of Sand Hollow Reservoir, Pine Valley Mountains, and Zion National Park in the distance all while cliffhanging along the amazing hurricane mountains.  The Double Sammy weaves it's way through the red sandstone cliffs and includes the well known obstacle The Travers with the steep 70ft sandy chute.  Be prepared for a variety of terrains, obstacles, and challenges as you're surrounded by some of the world's most amazing views.
  • Triple 7

    • Triple 7 is not a new trail but has been recently extended to include a number of challenging obstacles.  This rated 7 adventure includes suspension testing, steep inclines/declines, and v-notch features. As with all Sand Hollow trails, be prepared for a variety of terrains to navigate through. Enjoy driving through everything from sand dunes to the signature red sandstone slick rock. The trail includes frequent obstacles leaving little time to relax.  Satisfy the adrenaline junky in your group as you travers the cliffs of the Hurricane Mountains as you reach the summit.  Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Sand Hollow Reservoir and the distance expanse of Zion National Park.  While the trail is full of a variety of obstacles, the most well known is that of the Cam Country, a series of slickrock ledges, and The Dipper, a v-notch crack sitting right near an abrupt cliff.  While full of obstacles, there are many bypasses for those that need to tap out in certain spots. The trail culminates into a majestic waterfall area after crawling up a series of rock steps. Come join Double Dominators as your driving skills are challenged and your soul mystified as you're awestruck by the surrounding beauty.

Be Kind.  Be Safe.  Keep Dominating!

Additional information

Trail Choice

Double Sammy, Triple 7

Ride Along Date

Aug 27th, 2023, Aug 28th, 2023, Aug 29th, 2023, Aug 30th, 2023, Aug 31st, 2023, Sept 1st, 2023, Sept 2nd, 2023, Sept 3rd, 2023, Sept 4th, 2023, Sept 5th, 2023, Sept 6th, 2023, Sept 7th, 2023, Sept 8th, 2023, Sept 9th, 2023, Sept 10th, 2023, Sept 11th, 2023, Sept 12th, 2023, Sept 13th, 2023, Sept 14th, 2023, Sept 15th, 2023, Sept 16th, 2023, Sept 17th, 2023, Sept 18th, 2023, Sept 19th, 2023, Sept 20th, 2023, Sept 21st, 2023, Sept 22nd, 2023, Sept 23rd, 2023, Sept 24th, 2023, Sept 25th, 2023, Sept 26th, 2023, Sept 27th, 2023, Sept 28th, 2023, Sept 29th, 2023, Sept 30th, 2023, Oct 1st, 2023, Oct 2nd, 2023, Oct 3rd, 2023, Oct 4th, 2023, Oct 5th, 2023, Oct 6th, 2023, Oct 7th, 2023, Oct 8th, 2023, Oct 9th, 2023, Oct 10th, 2023, Oct 11th, 2023, Oct 12th, 2023, Oct 13th, 2023, Oct 14th, 2023, Oct 15th, 2023, Oct 16th, 2023, Oct 17th, 2023, Oct 18th, 2023, Oct 19th, 2023, Oct 20th, 2023, Oct 21st, 2023, Oct 22nd, 2023, Oct 23th, 2023, Oct 24th, 2023, Oct 25th, 2023, Oct 26th, 2023, Oct 27th, 2023, Oct 28th, 2023, Oct 29th, 2023, Oct 30th, 2023, Oct 31st, 2023, Nov 1st, 2023, Nov 2nd, 2023, Nov 3rd, 2023, Nov 4th, 2023, Nov 5th, 2023, Nov 6th, 2023, Nov 7th, 2023, Nov 8th, 2023, Nov 9th, 2023, Nov 10th, 2023, Nov 11th, 2023, Nov 12th, 2023, Nov 13th, 2023, Nov 14th, 2023, Nov 15th, 2023, Nov 16th, 2023, Nov 17th, 2023, Nov 18th, 2023, Nov 19th, 2023, Nov 20th, 2023, Nov 21st, 2023, Nov 22nd, 2023, Nov 23th, 2023, Nov 24th, 2023, Nov 25th, 2023, Nov 26th, 2023, Nov 27th, 2023, Nov 28th, 2023, Nov 29th, 2023, Nov 30th, 2023, Dec 1st, 2023, Dec 2nd, 2023, Dec 3rd, 2023, Dec 4th, 2023, Dec 5th, 2023, Dec 6th, 2023, Dec 7th, 2023, Dec 8th, 2023, Dec 9th, 2023, Dec 10th, 2023, Dec 11th, 2023, Dec 12th, 2023, Dec 13th, 2023, Dec 14th, 2023, Dec 15th, 2023, Dec 16th, 2023, Dec 17th, 2023, Dec 18th, 2023, Dec 19th, 2023, Dec 20th, 2023, Dec 21st, 2023, Dec 22nd, 2023, Dec 23rd, 2023, Dec 24th, 2023, Dec 26th, 2023, Dec 27th, 2023, Dec 28th, 2023, Dec 29th, 2023, Dec 30th, 2023, Dec 31st, 2023


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