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Off Road Driving Classes - Tips Tricks and Trail Techniques

The off road driving classes, Tips Tricks and Trail Techniques, are the most informative and personalized off-roading 101 class available. Hosted by Sand Hollow 4x4 with some of Utah's most experienced off-roading instructors, in the most breathtaking red rock terrain. The class covers all off-road driving basics with supervised hands-on practice going over a wide range of obstacles. The instructors will even ride shotgun for personalized real-time guidance!

2024 Class Schedule: Class options have opened up to every Saturday!


Sand Hollow 4x4's expert instructors are excited to bring southern Utah's most personalized and informative off road 101 class available.  Hosted in the breathtaking red rocks of the Sand Hollow area, located just minutes from St, George and Hurricane Utah, Tips Tricks and Trail Techniques uses a set group of courses to cover all the basic knowledge you will need to become a valuable and safe member of the off-roading community.  Most importantly, the class offers the opportunity for supervised hands-on driving practice through trails and over a variety of obstacles with a deeply experienced group of instructors to guide you along the way.  Those who actively participate and complete the training will receive an official certificate from Sand Hollow 4x4 off road experts.

The class includes the following:

  • Small class sizes.  Maximum of 5 vehicles.
  • Closed 1 acre course
  • Hands-On instruction lasts about 4 hours with an open practice session for the remaining time.
  • Instructor Ride-A-Long for real time instruction.
  • Complimentary Sand Hollow 4x4 Merch!
  • RC Rock Crawler Demo to show improper driving disasters.
  • Certificate of Completion.

The class covers the following (plus other class specific information):

  • Tire Pressure Adjustments
  • Sway Bar Removal
  • Gas, Brake & Combo Techniques
  • Picking Proper Lines
  • Slow Maneuver Techniques
  • Gear Choice Instruction
  • 4-Wheel Hi/Lo Use

IMPORTANT - These classes are driven at the owner's risk. Sand Hollow 4x4 will not be held responsible for any damage to rigs or equipment.

Additional information

Class Dates

Every Saturday!

5 reviews for Off Road Driving Classes - Tips Tricks and Trail Techniques

  1. Jared Stevens

    Shortly after buying my Cherokee XJ, I found out about this class on facebook and signed up. I was able to learn about my Jeep and gradually build up my skills on various obstacles. By the end, I was surprised that I was driving over stuff that I thought was impossible at the beginning of the class.

    I highly recommend it - especially for new 4x4 owners.

  2. Trent Bowman

    I first met TJ and Crystal at their first skills 101 class a few years back. They had a great way of explaining the basics of off roasting and I could tell they have a lot of experience under their belt. Their character was shown when my tow rig broke down at the event and they were crawling around in the dirt with me trying to figure out what went wrong. Rather than go wheeling with others in the class they stuck with the broken rig and live by the motto of no man left behind. Since the skills class I have interacted with them through their Facebook group and run several trails with them in Moab and the Salt Lake City area. They are amazing and a hoot to go out with. I always know I will be taken care of if I am ever in trouble and they help create and foster as safe of an environment as possible while out wheeling. I have had several moments with large amounts of pucker factor while wheeling with them, but seeing how calm they are while guiding me through an obstacle has a very reassuring effect and helps grow confidence quickly. There is one skill in particular they taught during the skills class that has gotten me out of a few tricky situations that were close to a roll over. If it wasn’t for them there is a good chance I would have already been on my lid. I will always jump at the opportunity to wheel with the double dominators. It’s not only they skills that they bring with them to the trail, but their attitude and energy. It’s difficult to describe but if everyone on the trail was even a little more like them, the off road community would be a much better place.
    Last year at Easter Jeep Safari I ran metal masher for the first time. At the first major obstacle I almost went over backwards on a ledge. Everything probably would have been ok if I didn’t do anything, with one of the skills taught in the double dominators skills 101 class I was able to make sure I didn’t go over backwards. It’s a skill I have used several times on different trails as my front end gets light or comes off the ground. I know someday it will actually keep me from going over, if it hasn’t already. The cost of the skills 101 class is well worth it. It has paid for itself in repair costs alone, but I also made some of my closest wheeling buddies in that class.

  3. Naomi

    This class is definitely a game changer for someone who desires to know how to trail ride safely. It is amazing the things they explicitly taught in a thought out process to systemically take you from learning the parts of your jeep to keep you and the jeep in one piece to safety in getting your self out of a situation that may cause damage and then taking you on a mini training trail that is geared towards you and your comfort level. On this mini training trail TJ will guide you and push you a little each time to help you feel confident with being off camber and facing obstacles with the knowledge of things you need to be looking for to take care of your jeep and you!
    These two are amazing people with so much knowledge to share! I have loved getting to know them! They continue to impress me with all the knowledge they know and share. Just today one of my students I taught last year came up to my husbands jeep and was like what is this?? And instead of saying I have no clue…. I was able to take the time to share my new found knowledge and share it with this little kid.
    I will be forever thankful for these guys!
    I recommend this course to all! Whether you are new to your jeep you have been riding a few years to many years. These guys will help you safely get to the level you want to be at!

  4. Alexis DeBoer

    They are the sweetest people & amazing at guiding and help you thru the course like it’s nothing and they are great spotters and so happy to help you there amazing people & guides!!! Definitely book with them!!!♥️

  5. Aimee Napper

    TJ and Crystal, are amazing! I was beyond scared to off road on the trails. Tho, I was determined. They gave me the confidence in myself to trust my Jeep. TJ, was so calm in directing my panic self. I have highly recommend this team to guide you through any trail.

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